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Everything You Need to Know About Storm Doors | Feldco Cedar Rapids

Everything You Need to Know About Storm Doors

You’ve probably been to a home that seemed to have two doors covering the main entryway, one of them being the traditional entry door, and the other appearing like a thick glass door in front of that.

storm doors

The glass looking door is a storm door, and as we’ll see, it provides many benefits for homeowners when they experience a variety of weather conditions.

An All-Weather Door

In bad weather, the storm door provides an extra layer of protection from rain, ice, snow and in extreme cases, flying debris. Not only does the storm door create an extra layer of protection for those inside, but it protects the front door itself from getting damaged.

In good weather, the front door can be left opened, and the storm door will continue to allow light into the home, without allowing bugs to enter, which is especially useful in the spring, summer and early fall.

Some storm doors have retractable panels, or part of the door contains a built-in mesh screen, allowing extra, much needed ventilation to enter the home during those hot and humid parts of the year.

The storm door is usually comprised of a front layer, a back layer, and a layer of insulation in-between, so that in cold weather, the storm door can also assist in keeping your home warm. The extra pocket of air between the front door and the storm door is also useful for insulating your house.

Whether it’s hot outside and you’ve got the air conditioning cranked indoors, or it’s cold outside and the heat is on, you won’t have to worry about the front door foiling your attempt to create a man-made climate zone. The extra air bubble between the storm door and the front door also creates a pocket of insulation that prevents heat or cold from escaping or entering.

Storm Door Styles

storm door styles

Thankfully the design of the storm door doesn’t have to stand out from the rest of your home. There are a variety of storm doors with frames of different colors and sizes, and the storm door itself can be made from different materials, tinted or untinted to different degrees, in order to let in different amounts of light.

A full-view storm door is comprised of one large glass panel, while mid-view storm doors have glass occupying three quarters of the door, and high view storm doors only have glass in the upper half.

The glass may or may not be decorative, frosted or tinted, depending on your styles, tastes and preferences. Whatever they may be, with a wide variety of venders selling storm doors, you’re sure to be able to find a storm door that goes with the overall theme or style of your house.

The material of the storm door itself can be vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum or even wood. Their frames can even be painted to match the color scheme of your home’s exterior.

Even the trimmings of your storm door can match the decorative theme of your home, because they can come in a variety of materials like bronze or brass. If you’d like to have a key-lock, that can also be put into the door.

Do You Need a Storm Door? Factors to Consider

One factor to assess in determining whether or not you would benefit from a storm door is the climate of where you live. If your door is not exposed to the elements—for example, your front door is accessed through a deep recess, alcove or is accessed by a porte cochere, such as the large overhang by the front door of a hotel—you may not need a storm door.

As its name implies, a screen door is also a secondary outer door, but instead of a glass panel, it is comprised entirely of a framed metal screen, which allows for ventilation to pass through, without allowing entry for insects or animals.

A Summary of the Pros and Cons of Storm Doors

To recap what we’ve discussed, storm doors allow for increased ventilation and light in good weather (by opening the front door and leaving the storm door closed), while simultaneously keeping out bugs, birds, and animals (if your storm door has a lock on it, you can also keep out unwanted people too).

A storm door can protect your front door and the entryway around it from the elements, such as ice, rain, and snow. Moreover, you don’t need to sacrifice style for security with storm doors because they come in a variety of colors and styles..

It’s not necessary if your front door is accessed under a porch or large overhang. Unless it can be propped open, it may also be inconvenient when exiting and entering with some frequency, such as when you’re bringing in groceries or children into the home, or out to soccer practice.

Above all, consider talking to a home improvement expert in your area. Go over the facts and details listed in this article, so you can decide if a storm door is right for your home.

For homeowners who want a storm door for their entryway, Feldco has you covered. Our storm doors are extremely durable and come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Get a free quote now for a beautiful storm door from Feldco.

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