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5 Reasons Why Seamless Gutters are the Way to Go | Feldco Cedar Rapids

5 Reasons Why You Want Seamless Gutters

Gutters aren’t something that too many homeowners think about often, but gutters are an important part of your home’s defenses. High quality gutters protect your home from water, debris, and damage. If you live in an area where the weather includes tropical rains or blizzard level snow, then moisture can cause serious damage if your gutters aren’t up to the job of channeling all that water safely away from your home.

seamless gutters

Traditional gutters come in sections. Those sections are placed along the outside of your home and joined together securely. Over time, exposure to the weather and wear and tear can wear those connections down.

Traditional gutters need to be frequently cleaned and repaired. They also need to be painted or sealed if you want them to look good. In the past, gutters were only made the traditional way in sections that had to be joined together.

Homeowners today have another option. A better option. Seamless gutters are an innovative guttering system that look stylish, are durable, and best of all don’t need constant repairs. Below are the top 5 reasons why homeowners should replace their current gutters with modern seamless gutters.

Custom Fit

The biggest benefit of switching to a seamless gutter system is that the entire system is made to fit your particular home. Homeowners who have had to replace their gutters in the past know how difficult it can be to get gutters that fit your home when you’re using mass produced guttering.

If your home is a non-standard shape or size, it can be almost impossible to perfectly fit mass produced gutters on your  home. When gutters don’t fit correctly, they can leak or crack and allow water to ruin the paint or siding and leak into you walls, window frames, basement and foundation.

Even mass produced gutters that do fit well and are properly joined will leak over time because the seal between the joints and the gutters will lose the tight connection necessary for the gutters to work properly.

Exposure to the elements and to rough weather will start to loosen those connections. As those connections loosen, your gutters can clog, back up, and leak.

Seamless gutters are made to measure for your home so that they fit every part of your home perfectly. Since seamless gutters are made from one continuous piece they won’t clog, leak or back up because of loose seals.

Low Maintenance

Another great reason to switch to seamless gutters is that they don’t require the maintenance that sectional gutters require. Sectional gutters are made from pre-cut sections that have to be welded or sealed together, and every one of those welded or sealed joints can loosen or spring a leak.

So every year, or sometimes twice a year, you need to check and repair all of those seals to make sure they’re still strong enough to keep out the water that’s pouring down the gutters. That’s a lot of work.

Seamless gutters are all one piece that’s custom cut for your home. You won’t have to spend time checking or repairing a lot of welds or seals. When you switch to seamless gutters, you also won’t have to paint or seal the gutters to keep them in good shape. Seamless gutters are made from a continuous piece of aluminum, steel or copper so that they won’t leak or crack.

Less Cleaning

seamless gutter cleaning

If you hate cleaning your gutters and hate the expense of hiring someone to do it for you, then seamless gutters are the ideal choice for you. Seamless gutters require a lot less maintenance than traditional gutters because there aren’t so many sections that debris can get caught up in.

Did you know that you’re supposed to clean out traditional gutters twice a year? Many homeowners put off cleaning their gutters because it’s a tough job.

It’s dirty, time consuming, and it can even be dangerous to be up working on a tall ladder trying to clean out gutters stuffed with water, leaves, debris and sometimes even pests. You can hire professionals to clean the gutters but that can be expensive.

The upfront cost of seamless guttering is higher than the cost of traditional gutters but when you consider the money that you’ll save not having to get your gutters professionally cleaned as often, the cost is worth it.

Fewer Leaks

If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain and snow, having seamless gutters installed will save you a lot of money, time and effort over the years. During the rainy season or the winter, sectional gutters are prone to leaking as the water loosens the seals between the sections.

You’ll notice if there’s a loose seal because you’ll see water pouring out of the joint. If there’s a hairline crack anywhere along the sectional pieces, you might not see those leaks until it’s too late.

Check your siding and your window frames to see if there’s peeling or cracking along the paint or siding near the gutter, or directly underneath the gutter. If you notice any signs of distress, peeling or cracking in the paint or siding, you can be sure there’s a leak somewhere in the gutter.

When you switch to seamless gutters, you won’t have to worry about hidden leaks or cracks. Your siding and your home will be safe from all that extra water.

If the gutter sections near the bottom of your home crack or leak you could end up with a seriously compromised foundation. That is a major repair that can cost a lost and compromise the stability of your home. Seamless gutters lower the risk of an unseen leak causing a major foundation problem later on.

Great Curb Appeal

From an aesthetic standpoint, seamless gutters look better than sectional gutters. While the most important thing is that the gutters function well, it’s also important that they look good so that they don’t detract from the curb appeal of your home.

If you have spent a lot of money on upgraded siding or beautiful fascia, don’t let ugly traditional gutters ruin the beauty of your home.

Seamless gutters in aluminum can be painted with a baked enamel finish that’ll look great for decades. Seamless gutters are an investment in both the protection and curb appeal of your home.

Is It Time To Replace Your Gutters?

When was the last time you replaced your gutters? If you have never replaced your gutters, or if you’re worried that your current gutters are about ready to give way, you should replace your traditional gutters with seamless gutters now.

If you’re not sure whether or not it’s time to replace your gutters, here are some signs to look for that indicate your current gutters need to be replaced:

  • Water leaks or moisture along the outside of the gutters
  • Peeling or cracked siding near the gutters
  • Water in the basement
  • Hairline cracks in the foundation of your home
  • Swelling of the wood on the window frames
  • Sagging or bulging gutter sections anywhere along your home

If you notice any of these signs or if you want to give your home an innovative upgrade, talk to a professional installer about seamless gutters. Feldco offers homeowners in Cedar Rapids with amazing seamless gutters that are professionally installed to ensure proper function. Get a free quote now for your new seamless gutters.

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