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Garage Storage Solutions You Can't Pass Up | Feldco Cedar Rapids

8 Garage Storage Solutions You Can’t Pass Up

If you’re like most homeowners, chances are that you have a lot of extra stuff you’ve accumulated over the years, and having nowhere else to store it, it’s probably ended up in your garage.

garage storage solutions

Chances are if your garage has become a repository of old stuff, just a big room to thrown in all the random assortment of things you no longer need or use, then you might even be one of the many people who find they no longer have room for their vehicle in the very space that’s supposed to house their car.

You could just load all that stuff into the back of a truck and drop it off at goodwill. You could sell it online, or have a garage sale. However, there are probably a lot of things in that pile you want to keep, such as seasonal items or tools that you don’t need to use every day, but that you’ll eventually have a use for.

You need a storage solution to take care of that big mess, for several reasons. First of all, you want to be able to park your car in the garage, especially if you live in a place where the seasons can transition from hot to cold, making it unpleasant to leave your car outside.

Or maybe you’d like to turn your garage into a play room, a man-cave or some other type of living space. Maybe you’re just sick of having a great big random pile of stuff to look at every time you carry out the recycling.

Below are some great storage solutions and garage cabinet ideas that are too great to pass up.

Wall Mounted Wire Shelving

All you need to do for this one is head down to the nearest department store and purchase some wall mounted wire shelving units. These are the type of units you might see in a restaurant kitchen, where lots of storage space and easy access is needed. The shelves are made of strong but thin metal bars, and attached to the wall with brackets.

You can put items on the shelf directly, or buy an assortment of bins to separate your treasure mountain into different containers for easy labeling and access. This storage solution is great because it keeps the floor space open, since all the shelving units are attached to the wall. They’re easy to install, inexpensive models are available, and the whole project can get done in one morning.

If you don’t want to be limited by only being able to secure the shelving units to wall studs, consider buying a solid wood board you can attach to the studs, thereby freeing up your ability to put shelving units anywhere on the wood board.

Garage Ceiling Storage

garage ceiling storage

If you have a tall garage space, consider storing some of the lighter weighing yet bulkier sized seasonal items, such as Christmas trees, on the ceiling. That’s right, we said on the ceiling.

Screw some 2 x 2 boards into the ceiling in a parallel arrangement, using the width of a storage bin lid as your guide for spacing. The take two 1 x 4 boards, and attach those to the 2 x 2 boards, effectively making a bracket that’ll hold your storage bins just under the rims. You can fill these bins with the lightweight material of holiday season (lights, tree, wreath, ornaments).

You can build this bracket assembly by attaching it perpendicularly to the joists, or by repeating the wood board trick—that is, attaching a wood board to the joists, and attaching your brackets to that.

Corner Shelves

If you’re like most people, you probably have a ton of little assorted items in jars, tubes, bottles, and aerosol cans, everything from car wax to spray paint. Sometimes, rather than throw these things away, you hold on to them just in case you feel like waxing your car, or tagging billboards with your street credentials (that last one was a joke).

Consider taking plywood and cutting them into triangular shapes that can be inserted into the corners of you garage, and then bracketed to the wall. This forms a great place to store all your random odds and ends.

Sliding Shelves and Bypass Units

Sliding shelf units are a little bit more time consuming to put in, and may require you to hire an expert, but they are an incredible storage solution that don’t take up too much space.

The sliding units hang downward, and may be perched on wheels as well; they can be pulled out with a handle to reveal a whole set of shelves on either side, almost as if they’re drawers lying on their side.

Bypass units are essentially sliding doors that are equipped to hang various equipment, and you can slide them to the side to reveal more equipment behind them.

Attic Decking

If your garage ceiling is unopened, consider placing attic decking panels between the exposed floor joists. Consult with a handyman or expert to make sure your homebuilt system can sustain the weight you have in mind, but if it can, your new attic space will become like a second floor that you can utilize to store boxes and larger items such as that canoe you always say you’re going to use in the summer.


garage pegboards

Pegboards are something you may recognize from school, or even retail locations, where they are used to change up displays frequently and easily. Consider drilling a pegboard into one of your walls, attaching it to the studs.

You can hang shelving units and hooks from the holes of the peg board, and the great thing about this arrangement is the inherent flexibility it has to change with your storage needs. Whenever you have different or new (or fewer) things to store, you can simply move the pegs around and rearrange your storage solution.

Custom Made Cabinets

This last option is the most expensive one, but for those who can afford it, or are willing to take out some financing, it may be the best. It’ll make your garage look more attractive, and probably increase the property value of your home.

Just make sure to check up on the contractor or company that you hire, and that they’re licensed, insured, and have a good portfolio or previous work to show off.

Bin Index

Whatever storage solution you end up using, you might start to forget where things are, especially now that they’re put away in boxes. Consider labeling all the bins with numbers, and then having a binder or directory that lists every number and what is in that bin.

That way, when holiday season rolls around, you won’t have to add to the stress by going through every box and bin in your garage.

It’s Time to Improve Your Garage Storage

Whatever your level of handyman expertise and your price range, there’s a storage solution for the space in your garage. You can even mix and match these storage solutions to get that pile of junk totally cleaned up.

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