The Importance of Natural Light in Your Home

What if we told you there is a way to boost your energy, mood, sleep, and productivity while saving a few bucks along the way? This all can come from one simple action- opening the curtains! Allowing natural light to become your primary source of light in your home has several benefits that can potentially change your life for the better.

benefits of natural light

First, you can’t get natural light into your home without some quality windows. Vinyl windows should be your go-to when on the hunt. They are energy efficient, ensuring your home will stay cooler during the heat of summer. So you don’t have to worry about cranking up the air conditioning when you have the curtains open.

Save on Electric Bills

A common problem among households is high electric bills. Many people aren’t willing to minimize the use of electronics and appliances around the house in order to save a few bucks on their monthly bill. A great alternative is to turn off the lights and open the curtains!

In an article called How Natural Light Can Help You Be More Energy Efficient, the Energy Center of Wisconsin conducted a study to show how much you could be saving by using natural light throughout the day. For this study, the researchers designed a control room and a test room, where they measured the amount of energy costs of each room, comparing them based on their differences—the key one being the way each room used natural light.

The results of the study showed lighting savings of 32% and cooling savings of 25% in the test room using natural light, though heating costs were a tiny bit higher. The end result was 22% total savings.

If you’re really looking to reduce your electric bills, replace your windows with vinyl windows, rated most energy efficient of all. They are also built to last and withstand all weather extremes in order to keep your home comfortable all year long.

Also, make sure your windows are made with low-e glass to ensure that the sun’s harmful rays don’t fade your furniture or carpet. With low-e glass, you’ll be able to benefit from natural light and keep UV rays out.

Natural Light Improves Sleep

natural light in home

Morning sunlight can affect your daytime energy and your ability to fall asleep.

Dr. Michael Breus states in an article called Light Early in the Day: An Important Part of Your Sleep Routine that there’s scientific research that indicates the effects that light exposure has over the body’s sleep-wake cycle. Research has also shown how early-in-the-day light exposure can help to stimulate alertness during the day.

A recent study by scientists at Northwestern University and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign investigated the effects of daylight exposure on the health of a group of office workers, including nighttime sleep and daytime activity levels. Among this group of office workers, those who received exposure to more daylight (through windows in their offices) slept an average of 46 minutes more per night during the workweek than their coworkers who did not have windows in their offices. The people exposed to more daylight in their offices also showed more energy/vitality during the day.

Next time the lovely sound of your alarm goes off in the morning, just think you could have had about 46 more minutes of sleep just by utilizing natural light more often throughout the day.

Natural Light Increases Productivity

Natural light is an excellent source and can even help improve your mood and productivity. Large picture, bay or bow windows in your family/living room can help brighten things up as well as make the room feel bigger.

According to a study conducted by a Sacramento-based research group, about 20,000 students in three separate states had standardized tests scores that 26% higher when taking the exams in buildings as opposed to the students in buildings with artificial light.

Natural light doesn’t just affect test scores, either.  A separate study in 1995 conducted by the same group, Heschong Mahone, discovered that there was a 40% increase in sales at a Walmart store under skylights in comparison to the Walmart stores without skylights above the checkout counters. Imagine, just a few natural skylights encourage more sales.

This is just two out of countless studies performed on the concept of natural light and the increase of productivity.

Natural Light Boosts Mood

Did you know that limited exposure to natural light is a major correlation to depression? This is why many people suffer from seasonal depression in the winter months due to the shorter, darker days. A great way to avoid that is to utilize the natural light as much as possible. Open the curtains more often and let the opportunities shine in to increase mood and overall happiness.

The benefits that come with allowing natural light to become your primary source of light in your home are well worth the minimal effort it takes.

Increase the amount of natural light in your home and check out the variety of style options we offer on our energy efficient windows here at Feldco. Along with our stylish entry and patio doors that will allow additional natural light in your home as well. Make an upgrade today to benefit your home and yourself by getting a free quote to maximize natural light in your household.

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