All About Different Awning Window Parts

Awning windows have been around as a window option for decades, and for good reason.  Awning windows are perfect for ventilation.  Hinged at the top and opening outward, awning windows can provide that light breeze into a home and can even be opened during a light rain while keeping the water out.

awning window parts

Homeowners and builders are attracted to installing awning windows in places that require more ventilation than other rooms, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Since awning windows have been around for quite some time, their parts are cheap and easy to replace.  Many stores offer replacement parts for awning windows, and there’s plethora of guides available out there these days that can help you with installation.

Awning windows are fairly simple to understand, they’re smaller and have less working parts than larger windows.

Awning Window Frame

Every window has a frame, even awning windows.  The frame is what surrounds the entirety of the window.  The framework consists of the head, jamb, and windowsill.  The head is the top most part of the window – the long, horizontal part of the window that forms the highest part of the frame.

The jambs are the two long strips that run vertically on the framework, closing in the window.  There’s also the jamb liner that’s reminiscent of weatherstripping, acting as a seal for the perfect fit of the window to the house.

Finally, the windowsill is the other horizontal part that’s perpendicular to the head. For awning windows, the sill isn’t as prevalent as the more common double hung windows, but it still exists as a means to close off the framework for the correct fit.

The material of the frame can be from a variety of sources.  Vinyl, aluminum or wood, along with many other options can make up the frame.  Depending on how much you want to spend on an awning window will determine the cost of the material.

Operator (Hinge) Arm

An operator arm is an important and essential part to the function of an awning window. There are many different styles of operator arms designed for awning windows.

Operator arms are located on the bottom sash and allow the window to expand outward.  While the technical term is “hinge arm” the actual operator part is the gear that makes the arm expand and retract.

Operator Handle

The operator handle is a crucial mechanism in relation to awning windows.  The operator handle is designed to be turned or cranked in order to actually open the window itself.

Operator handles are common and you’ve probably seen one in some place or another. The most traditional place for an operator handle is at the base of the window.  It sticks out with a short shaft, topped with a rubber bumper for gripping.

For some awning windows, the operator handle is in the form of a knob or t-shaped crank. You can also buy operator arm extensions to make the handle longer for convenience purposes.

Operator handles are one of the most common replacements when it comes to fixing awning windows. Fortunately for those older awning windows in dire need of repair, operator handles and cranks are a cheap and easy repair.

Locking Handle

The locking handle, as the name suggests, locks the awning window into place.  This will not only protect your home for security purposes, but also help make a proper seal with the window and the home.

Every type of window will most likely have some kind of locking mechanism, even those located on the second story of a home.  This is a standard part for windows everywhere.  Locking handles offer security for windows, as they’re one of the most vulnerable parts of your home.

Fortunately for awning windows, the design is typically too small for any one person to fit through, so awning windows are one of the safer and more convenient window designs.


parts of an awning window

Hinges are a typical aspect found on awning windows.  Hinges are often located on the top of the frame, also known as the head of the frame.  This part of the window allows it to open and close.

Hinges can be found at almost any hardware store at a cost that won’t break your wallet.  They’re easily replaced with a few screws and a solid screwdriver.

Window Glass

The glass is one of the most important parts of any window.  This is what separates and protects the indoors from the elements of the outside. The glass sits inside the framework of the window, sealed in by any weatherstripping or material designed to help prevent any air leaks.


Weatherstripping is optional for all windows.  The basis of weatherstripping windows is a gasket-like tube that lines the inside of a window in order to help with energy efficiency.

For many homeowners, windows are the part of a home that are the culprit behind energy leakage, as well as being main cost for their energy bills.  Older windows can be especially bad at saving energy and cutting down the costs of heating and cooling, which is why weatherstripping is a popular option.

Weatherstripping usually involves tubing or strips of various materials (felt, plastic, metal, rubber, stainless steel, silicone, vinyl, ect.) that line the interior of windows or doors.

For awning windows, weatherstripping is found around the interior sides.  The major benefit of weatherstripping is that it can usually save homeowners anywhere from 10-15% on energy bills.

If you find that your awning window is a bit drafty, consider weatherstripping.  It’s cheaper alternative than replacing the entire window itself.  Weatherstripping can be done in a matter of hours, with the right tools and know-how.

If you see that the awning window had previously been weatherstipped, you can also easily replace it.  By weatherstripping, you can prevent air leaks in your home.  This will save you a lot of money in the long run, which can really help you out until you get the window replaced.

Know Your Awning Window Parts

One of the downsides of having an awning window is that when you have more moving parts in any kind of window or appliance, the chances of it needing replaced is much higher.

Fortunately, awning windows replacement parts are available almost everywhere, and with things being online nowadays; the process of repairing old parts is much easier and faster.

Awning windows are a popular choice when it comes to selecting an aesthetically pleasing architectural style with added benefits of unobstructed views, ventilation, and energy savings.

Since they’re located higher than other windows, awning windows are perfect when it comes to cracking open a window to enjoy a passing breeze and cooler weather.

When it comes to awning windows, the vast majority of these different hardware parts come in a variety of different material at a low cost, making awning windows versatile as well as easily reparable.

Knowing these different parts of an awning window can save you time when it comes to replacing them.  Check your windows at least once a year to make sure they are operable and if they’re need of new parts in order for them to perform at their best.

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